Red Rocks Reflections

“The earth has music for those who listen.” (William Shakespeare)

Sedona Arizona has endured as of our favorite travel stops in the Western U.S. over the past several decades. It’s really quite simple for us to enjoy ourselves each time here as we settle into the Village Lodge in Oak Creek outside of town for a few days and begin to notice the colors, sounds, and shapes of nature’s subtle unfolding. Typically, it feels right each morning to just “gear down” with some easy trail hikes while staring wondrously at nearby red rock canyons. As usual, this system has worked for me after today’s hike as I observe that I’m feeling calmer, mentally sharper and significantly more aware of my physical surroundings. I recommend that you thus examine the matter of positive vortex energy of Sedona’s Red Rock canyons for yourself as a convenient excursion destination from the Phoenix vicinity. I hope you enjoy the following photographs from today’s five hour journey including: (1) a riverside hike at Red Rock State Park (2) a bit of self meditation at Buddhist Peace Park/Stupa and (3) a panoramic view of Sedona below from the heights of Airport Mesa.


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