Nature’s Whiteness Temptations

“I shall smile when wreaths of snow blossom where the roses should grow.” (Emily Bronte)

I awoke this morning to find myself enclosed in a wonderful snow globe of silent whiteness. So as I continued my intentful gaze outside my motel bedroom in Sedona, Arizona at this first sight of gently falling snow I experienced a sudden urge to see the Grand Canyon again in all of its winter glory. After all, it seemed an easy enough drive via I-17 and I-40 to access the South Rim in a reasonable time frame Unfortunately, I did not anticipate the winter storm that Ruth and I would encounter along the way which would result in slick, hazardous conditions at higher elevations heading north of Sedona. After slowing my vehicle to 30 mph for extended stretches in this slushy road mess, the sight of snow plows coming into Flagstaff gave hope that we would actually see the Grand Canyon today.

So after a brief stop for breakfast on Old Route 66, we took advantage of a break in the weather and resumed our steady drive to the South Rim for arrival at the Visitor Center parking around 12:00 noon. As blue skies improbably settled in at the South Rim overlook near Mather Point, we again greeted the Grand Canyon in all its massive glory now blanketed with beautiful powdered snow. After a one hour visit along the “edge”, we returned safely back to Sedona in late afternoon after encountering several waves of snowstorm along the way. So for my nature lovers who have read this blog, I hope you will take the time to place the Grand Canyon on your travel bucket list. It’s definitely worth your time. Enjoy the photographs.

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