Vegas Illusionary Sunshine

“No one thinks Las Vegas is real: it is illusion, but visitors willingly suspend disbelief and pretend.” (Hal Rothman)

One constant form of sensory excitement that typically intensifies as Ruth and I visit Las Vegas comes to light in our imagination as we simply walk around aimlessly at our leisure. More recently, the changing image of Vegas to clean up its sinful reputation now seems to evoke more family fun moments for us like a Disney Park experience. Don’t get me wrong though. If we desired to indulge in any personal fetish to dress, speak, or act with no semblance of guilt, Vegas could still deliver.

I can only say, however, that for my birthday celebration, it felt right for me to just “chill”, save money , and find more “low key” inspirations on our stopover in Las Vegas this year. After all, we have more than five weeks on the road to indulge freely if we wish after we leave here. Consider first of all our morning look around “Old Vegas” along the indoor mall of the Fremont Experience to admire its imaginative ceilings of creative abstract expression. Returning to the strip after lunch, a second excursion would take place for us at the Bellagio Hotel Botanical Gardens as our senses heightened to the amazing sights and smells of its most recent floral displays. Crossing over the indoor tunnel for a dinner search along the  Caesar’s Palace Forum corridor, its mystical sky ceiling along our path set the stage for some impressive art and window shop viewing. A night stroll along Las Vegas Boulevard back to our hotel to observe the inspiring “neon sunshine” along the strip would provide a most satisfying end to this memorable day. Tomorrow we finally reach Southern California via a five hour drive along I-15. Enjoy the photos.

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    1. Vegas kind of sells itself at night as you can tell, Lesley. Neither Ruth nor I like the mob scenes there but all in all, we still enjoy the moment to moment fun that each Vegas visit brings.

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      1. Yes, Vegas at night can be magical. It’s been years since I’ve been there but I always found old Vegas to my favorite. It’s like going back in time. Thanks for sharing your photos.

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  1. My favorite city on the west coast. I lived and worked there for three years. I still visit as I have friends there. And as the Sports Diva, you KNOW I’m there because they have a hockey team, lol. Seriously, though, Vegas at night is magical. Downtown Las Vegas is so underrated, more people need to see it. Thanks for these pictures. So beautiful ❤️


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