Archie’s Amazing Antics

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ( Anatole France)

Ruth and I rolled into Southern California on I-10 a few days ago to start our coastal road trip tour of the Golden State for the next two weeks. We then began this leg of our vacation with a three day slowdown in the greater Simi Valley region with close friends Tommy and Jenny plus their little grand-dog Schnauzer, Archie. It’s very important to mention that Archie, this bearded wonder, celebrated his birthday that weekend and we felt honored to be invited to share in his special day of fun. Ahhh! Those delicious dog cupcakes that I almost mistook for a human dessert at dinner time. Or what could top a competitive game of “Find the Ball” where Archie managed on every occasion to ably retrieve his prized ball no matter where I threw it. Meanwhile, what an exciting thrill ensued when I risked inciting Archie’s growls at me as we engaged in those heated tug of war battles for possession of his squeaky ball in the backyard. Such fine table manners did Archie also possess as he patiently waited for his tasty birthday treats at the dinner table. What a privilege it meant for me as well to share half of our bed at night so our “birthday boy” could settle into some dog dreaming slumber. Happy Birthday Archie and thank you Jenny and Tommy for making this past weekend feel like home. We head north along State Road 101 for Central Coast California next on our road trip. Shifting then to  the Pacific Coast Highway near San Luis Obispo, we hope to to find four more quiet days in beautiful Morro Bay.

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