Coastal Contentment Choice

“Some men fish all their lives without knowing it is not really the fish they are after. (Henry David Thoreau)

Ruth and I have now reached the point in this road trip where each passing day settles into a lifestyle of self-contentment. Don’t get me wrong for my restless wandering nature cannot be easily satisfied. Yet a casual glance at those pristinely beautiful shorelines along the Central California coast speaks loudly of being freed from my accustomed “urban mayhem” to lead a simpler and less busier life amid “mother nature” in retirement.

Witness then our four night stay along the cool waters of Morro Bay as a most pleasing location to “get out and about” with inner peace this week. For there’s those spectacular sunsets and quiet harbor views as we leisurely walk after dinner. Of course the giant presence of Morro Rock can also fulfill our Zen intentions to sit quietly for indefinite periods while we watch hordes of seabirds beg for food or sea otters playfully float by in the bay. A few miles south of Morro lies Los Osos, where a serene hike follows closely along the steep coastline of the Bluff Trail at Montana de Oro State Park. As a result of becoming more emotionally “in tune” to my surroundings there as I slow my pace, I pause frequently to embrace smaller images of detail like a springtime flower in first bloom, an unusual sea shell, or a sun loving lizard. Enjoy the photos below. My next blog will cover the Pacific Coast Highway seashore environs north of Morro Bay.


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