“Putzing Around” Big Sur

“I love driving; Driving along the California coastline is the best drive in the world.”( Al Jardine)

It’s cold and very windy today in Morro Bay along the California Central coast. That’s not very inviting weather for these two, east coast “roadtrippers” to get out and hike today. So a Plan B scenario surfaced in my mind to just take a lazy drive to experience the spectacular scenery of the Pacific Coast Highway. (PCH) Sadly, a major road closure before Big Sur Village would prevent us from traversing the entire ninety mile stretch north to Monterey  today. Yet strong vestiges of such Pacific cliffside heaven would be similarly experienced as we meandered around for one hour along the small southerly segment of this celebrated highway. I must compliment Ruth for her keen photographic eye in capturing the quiet solitude we experienced in “killing time along PCH today. For I seemed preoccupied with keeping two hands on the steering wheel for extra safety around those steep curves on this blustery Thursday afternoon.


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