Feeling Holiday “Pizzazz”

“Finding closure opens the door for us to see the new path we will take on our journey of life and living.” (Debbie Zieman)

The winter holiday season that begins after Thanksgiving often signifies for me a powerful sense of closure resulting in self satisfaction in moving on from what I’ve previously done. But the most important matter of interest might be what immediately felt holiday circumstances during this time period actually “kicks in” a much sought spirit of kindness and generosity toward others that I so desire. For I suspect the answer often lies in my search to improve myself as a person rather than to just seek outward pursuit of competitive recognition. To explore further this conclusion, it seems no coincidence that my more spontaneous pursuit of a genuine “Happy Holidays” spirit in my life influenced such past closure December decisions I made to get married three days before Christmas, retire from teaching permanently, and book several life enhancing travels to Switzerland, California, Peru, and the Caribbean.

So let’s imagine for a moment we’re walking along a densely forested trail heading uphill that provides little indication of where and when it will end. You may or may not complete the entire trekking course so your mind turns to finding a wondrous place to stop and return back along the way. It’s totally up to you in each moment you step to intuitively find that spot that meets those positive expectations you’ve set for yourself to where your journey shall end and perhaps a new one can begin. Two miles in, a sudden clearing appears between the thick cover of surrounding trees to reveal below a quaint, winter village scene of great interest to you below. This burst of excitement overwhelms you then knowing that this quietly revered spot to end your walk gave you something to celebrate as you proceed to more fully explore this new travel curiosity by soon visiting the village below.

Along this same line of thinking, I looked forward to an aimless drive along the “Holiday Fantasy of Lights” route at Tradewinds Park in Coconut Creek, Florida last night. For who knows what colorful sights I would fully embrace along the way as I moved slowly along in the darkness of night. But I seemed ready for my “Happy Holiday” spirit to unexpectedly intensify at any point to justify reason for taking this brief journey tonight. Enjoy the photos.

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  1. I know what you mean about how December feels like a natural conclusion and provides hope for new experiences and memories in the year to come. Despite the days being so short, it’s one of my favourite times of the year. Plus all the holiday lights and decorations help add some brightness and cheer. Merry Christmas and enjoy the rest of the holiday season. Cheers. Linda


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