Air B&B “Wake-Up Call”

“ Do not bite at the bait of pleasure, till you know there is no hook beneath it.” (Thomas Jefferson)

Take a long look at the title photo of this blog that so vividly illustrates the colorful sign and caption, “Florida Welcomes You”. Next picture in your mind hordes of “snowbird” tourists descending  from the Georgia border by Interstate Highway into the “Sunshine State” from up north. Now take a logical guess what impressions of Florida might this image most likely project to them? If you guessed such a  border billboard  carried the message that their upcoming vacation to Florida would provide a beautiful escape to sun blissed contentment, it seems the advertisers who created this sign apparently did their job well to hook them in. A question remains for such vacationers, however, to confirm whether these preconceptions of Florida as a paradise are truthful as they drive further south and more fully experience their chosen destination.

This thinking process described above compares nicely with our use of the Air B&B lodging app to make rental housing bookings when desired in both short and long term travels. For the best scenario we could hope for then would be that our detailed, pre- occupancy research of several Air B&B units at an affordable price range and convenient time frame for us would yield a truthful and trustworthy booking decision.

But what if a housing unit we booked upon actual inspection failed this time proven test? Perhaps the photos and previous occupant reviews of the apartment interior and surrounding environs did not reveal a truthful picture about what an extended stay in the unit for us as future tenants would really be like. Or maybe upon walking outside the dwelling grounds, either Ruth or I happened  to notice extraneous sights and sounds that overly bothered us. Consider as well that important practical communications between the host owner of the unit and us before and during the course of our visit might have turned out to be  dysfunctionally poor.

So it seems clear that all of these above negative considerations would influence our decision to cut short our four night, Air B&B vacation to the west coast of Florida this week and return to South Florida on the second day of our stay. To the owners credit, we thereafter sought and obtained agreement with them to get a full refund for the three remaining days not spent there.      
But in retrospect, as I re-examine  in more detail those seemingly gorgeous photos below presented by the owner for this apartment, I’m reminded to evaluate my use of bookings apps with more mindful diligence in the future. For it seems clear that when an advertisement appear to be too good to be true, then it’s due time for me to over into troubleshooting mode to question it. How about you?  
                                 Happy New Year, Readers 

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  1. Pics look beautiful. I would have loved to have seen your pics of the same place. Lol I’ve never used Air B&B but I have a friend from college who especially before the pandemic, used it regularly to visit Florida for a month or more each winter. Her comments about various places are interesting. Some are hard to rebook and fill up often. Others she has complained about tv/ phone, computer reception, or a lot of mold or mildew in beach condos etc. She has stayed at some great places and others that were not so great. One had beautiful pics but failed to reveal to her the building was under going loud construction. And she had booked for a month. That situation was a mess to get out of.. Once she booked a little mom in law cottage behind a quaint older house in Ft Lauderdale and that was lovely. But it was rarely available because it was always booked. So I’ve learned from her experiences and listening to her problems how careful you have to be when booking. ( I told her about buying damp rid for those condos on the beach)!
    But the one thing about you and Ruth. You will always turn every adventure into a learning experience to grow from. 🫶✌️


  2. Hi Lesley – I noted at least ten reasons upon site inspection that contradicted the beautiful look of those pics. But as you say, we will live and learn from this experience to find better bookings than this. I
    Thanks for commenting.


  3. Sorry to hear that you didn’t have a good experience with one of your bookings through Airbnb and had to cut your trip short. At least you were able to get a full refund for the remaining days not spent there. It’s a good reminder that not places are what they seem.

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  4. During our travels, my hubby and I have had these types of experiences. We found the photos in the ads were taken several years ago and of course, the lodging has aged and been abused and looks nothing like the photos in the ad. Wishing you and yours a safe and successful 2023.

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  5. It’s good to know that both of us realize the full extent of this Air B& B problem. I know you are my poetry guru, so if you get a chance, I hope you read my New Years poem posted. Happy New Year, Eugenia


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