Blackout Blues Burial

” Lost luggage is an opportunity to stay afloat.”(Chris Evans)

You know it’s not a good sign when you arrive in early morning at the airport to check in your luggage and observe huge piles of suitcases stacked incoherently in layers behind an American Airlines reception desk. In our case, the cause of this calamity at Miami International Airport as we were told came from a total computer shutdown at the airport overnight.

So it seemed imminent that one or both of our two boarded suitcases on our flight to Guayaquil, Ecuador would not arrive at our final destination when we landed. As expected, my blue suitcase came through quickly upon arrival in the airport baggage tunnel ok but my wife’s red  luggage bag did not.

Know then our tragic saga would now escalate when we found out soon after by email that my wife’s baggage would arrive on a  flight later that evening. But that flight from Miami would also be late, leaving the possibility that her luggage would not arrive by the time our Ecuador tour began the next day. So in the meantime I resorted to comically sharing my men’s clothing with her as well as some toiletries with hope that the situation would resolve itself soon.

But let’s take a more positive look at this most irritating travel predicament. In the absence of your travel suitcase, one might evolve into a person acting much differently than their previous ways. For it seems to be a matter of how one chooses to respond to such airport related crisis.

He or she for example might consider such loss of their material possessions as a “wake up” call to focus more on what really matters. With less stuff to carry, you can try to make life simpler for yourself where needs not wants become your primary focus. Or one might also consider the loss of their baggage as fresh start  to act humbler and more caring toward others who wish to  share with you in such trying times. Don’t waste these opportunities. Make them count!

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  1. Sorry to hear that one of your checked bags did not arrive on time. Thank goodness yours came and you could share your clothes with your wife. I’m not sure it would have worked quite the same if it were the other way around!


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