Guayaquil Equatorial Plunge

“I hope before long to press you in my arms and shall shower on you a million burning kisses as under the equator.” ( Napoleon Bonaparte )

The closest statement to reality that I can think of on our first day in Guayaquil, Ecuador would be diving into a hot sweaty bowl filled with strange equatorial images that I deeply desire to sense more deeply. For there are several lessons to be learned as I reflect quietly by the muddy river that flows slowly through the city.

Strange tropical trees, colorfully exploding flowers and indigenous people statues seem to pop out of nowhere to break up the craziness of this traffic snarled city surrounding them. A large iguana stands its ground when I approach along a quiet pedestrian square. A statued man looking stately beyond from his inviting park bench seat reminds me to slow down and ponder this “tropical soup” more deeply.

Then there’s the river itself that flows continuously from the Andes to mark the commercial importance of Guayaquil as an industrial center of Ecuador today. But I am most curious to know its origin up river to the Andes from where it has flowed from. For we head into these mysterious highlands of Ecuador’s interior tomorrow. Enjoy the photos

By the way, I loved hearing my wife scream with joy when she finally received her suitcase in our hotel over 24 hours after our arrival

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  1. Guayaquil is an interesting city. A mixture of many faces and beautiful architecture! And yes, was so excited my luggage arrived!


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