Andes Equatorial Enigma

“Over every mountain, there’s a path although it may not be seen from the valley.” (Theodore Roethke)

But such beautiful tropical fruits and dense trees strands that I would expect on the equator vanished somehow into a perpetual cloud mist as our tour bus now conquered the Central Andes range of Ecuador on our arduous ride to Cuenca. With elevations exceeding more than  13,000 feet and temperatures dropping significantly in this cloud rain forest environs.”, I imagined myself more appropriately in the Alps of Switzerland or Austria during their cool summer seasonal time. When the cloud cover finally diminished at Tres Cruces, the highest point of our ascent, another kind of fog seemed to occupy my mind. For I now felt noticeably disoriented and needed to feel a blast of cold air at this stunningly beautiful tour bus stop to regain my bearings.

So as I consider myself fortunate to have overcome my fear of extreme mountain heights , I look forward to getting back on track for some exciting equator views as we begin our descent into Cuenca. For at least I can see again where we are going. Enjoy the photos.

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  1. I love your photos! From the salt-washed surf beaches of the Pacific to the biodiverse rainforests of the Amazon all the way to the incredible archipelago islands of the Galápagos out in the open ocean, there’s really no letting up in the steady stream of highlights in these parts. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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