Democracy’s Dilemma

Do you vote in political elections?

JetPack Prompt 5/6/23

When duty calls, I always choose to vote. As it’s one of my responsibilities as an American citizen to stay informed about issues that may critically affect me, the act of voting seems to be a practical way to perform this task.

Yet what difference does it make if I vote Democrat or Republican these days? For we are all Americans and I need to consider what’s best for the common good rather than bend to the will of the party. On the other hand, a wasted vote means nothing so it would not be advisable for me to vote as an Independent or other less recognized third party.

So if the day comes that my right to vote has been taken away from me, it’s definitely time to rethink my proud allegiance to this country. What would you do under those dire circumstances?

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  1. While I have no allegiance to either political party per se, I study the ideologies of both, such as they are, and these days the ideologies are 180° apart. I vote with the team that proposes things that will help the people of the country … the average Joe, the poor, the homeless … not the wealthy who don’t seem to me to need any help. And yes, my friend, it is not only our right, but our responsibility to vote, to do our part to put people in office who take their jobs seriously and who care about the future of the planet and the people who live on it. As to your question, I don’t know what I would do … it depends on HOW my right to vote was taken away, and whether there was anything I could do to restore it, short of starting a revolution.


  2. I always choose to vote, too. Voting is crucial – it gives you a say on important issues that affect you – from roads and recycling to education and climate change, housing and employment. Cheers, and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx


  3. I have no allegiance to a party or a candidate. I vote for policies that I feel are for the good of the county and its citizens. I feel voting is a responsibility as a citizen of any country.


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