Glimpses of The Blue Orb


What’s a job you would like to do for just one day?

JetPack Prompt 5/9/23

When thinking about a dream job of this lifetime, my longstanding fascination for realistic science fiction plots immediately arise. I thus consider the iconic 2001 Space Odyssey saga where artificial intelligence possibilities introduced the computerized “Hal” as an integral part of an outer space mission. Or perhaps more prominently I think of the cool logic of Spock in Star Trek overcoming human error that could jeopardize the lives of the Enterprise crew in so many  TV episodes.

So I might need to create a new job description for this question but here it goes. My dream job for one day would thus be labeled as an assigned “Earth From Space Advisor” on a one day space mission circling the earth. I might best assist the astronaut team in this capacity by noticing how space photographs of key geographical features along the different continents of our planet proactively influence the minds of each member of the crew to   to focus intensely on solving our world problems during minute to minute progress of this mission.

From a psychological perspective then, I might for instance encourage this space team to work in tandem to study photo evidence of global warming’s impact on sea level change along the Poles or I could also provide up to date visuals of extreme weather pattern change in war stricken areas Iike Ukraine, Haiti and Sudan. Such provided insight might render my job contribution quite useful at these times. 

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  1. Hmmm just for one day? If the world weren’t in such crisis it would be to star on Broadway in a thought provoking play about women’s rights. But now I’d want to be head of the dept of education in Florida and undo every ridiculous historically accurate lesson DeSantis removed from the curriculum. I would put back the actual history of Florida and America. That way young people would understand that the horrors of the Holocaust and Slavery DID Happen and were morally wrong. And that they must never happen again


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