Super Bowl Fixation Unintended

“The Super Bowl is an occasion that’s really associated with abundance – lots of snacks, parties, spectacle – and so it would be great if there were also some kind of tradition of generosity attached to it as well.” (Josh Gondelman)

South Florida bustles now with excitement as Super Bowl LIV approaches Sunday at the newly modernized Hard Rock Stadium. Hordes of happy tourists now can celebrate the excitement of “big game” fever at lavish party or “open bar”settings scheduled around the greater Miami vicinity? You might even spot celebrities Jennifer Lopez or Shakira around bustling “South Beach” if you are lucky. Even if you don’t like football, you can bask along our sun-kissed beaches to work on your tan or simply “hang out” along the coastal boardwalks to simply be seen.

Yet the hedonistic excesses of Super Bowl week this year in Miami this year seems remarkably misplaced. For a sports fanatic such as myself who has managed to attend four, prior Super Bowls on a meager teacher salary, the inflated price of $8,000 and up for one ticket to the game this year seems grossly unfair. As I also crawl along in heavy tourist traffic or find long restaurant waits now, I long for a simple slowdown from such Super Bowl bedlam this week. I cannot ignore the fact as well that local residents like me will see significant tax increases to finance the celebratory excesses of this  Super Bowl in the future. Many tourists might not even realize that the stadium location of this worldwide football spectacle is located amidst the largely lower income residential area of Miami Gardens. Do the urgent needs of the struggling residents here matter as Super Bowl madness invades their blighted community?

Furthermore, as tragic events last week gain hold of my emotions now, the narcissistic hype of the Super Bowl seems oddly out of character. I think of the tragic helicopter death in Southern California of Lakers great Kobe Bryant who’s generous contributions to improving the lives of youth and families after his basketball retirement now ended in senseless tragedy. I also feel the pain of fearful Caribbean island residents who endured the destructive wrath of a major earthquake. last week. These devastated countries most certainly will need America’s help now. The prolonged saga of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial also distracts my attention from Super Bowl bliss this week as I envision this President who profits himself illegally at the expense of our country’s best interests. I thus feel little need to revel in the Super Bowl “buzz” now when a man of such questionable values will likely be acquitted in political partisan fashion of morally debasing the office of the Presidency.

As I attended a “Super Bowl Experience” gala at Miami Beach Convention Hall last weekend, I thus found myself observing ways of “giving back” to others before this year’s Super Bowl. Judge for yourself then. How could we transform the following photographic mementos of gridiron game glory of the National Football League (NFL) into a scenario of more humane intentions?

1.How might one redesign NFL player helmets, uniforms and shoes to better show the goodness of our country?

2.What lessons from the history of the National Football League would best uplift the values our country’s populace now?

3. What should Super Bowl rings really honor beside winning?

4. What can each NFL “ Man of the Year Award”recipient do to help stop the problems of homelessness, poverty, and racism in our communities ?

5. How do we make professional football affordable and more fun for all?

6. How will NFL role model efforts uplift our country’s values in the future?

7.How can we use visual arts to create a less violent image of the NFL in the future?

8. How can we allot Super Bowl game tickets in a more equitable fashion for rich, middle class and the poor?

9. How can the NFL assist fans to overcome the negative stigma of continued support for a perennially losing NFL team?

10.How can the Super Bowl help Americans unite as a country?








Resetting Our Moral Compass

“The three hardest tasks in the world are neither physical feats nor intellectual achievements, but moral acts: to return love for hate, to include the excluded, and to say, “I was wrong.” (Sydney J. Harris)

There seems to be a noticeable “buzz” these days around the country about a confusing malaise of values promoted by our current Presidential office. Why does POTUS continue to “spin” lies and conspiracy theories to attack many of his political adversaries in this country? What negative impact on our nation’s moral fiber results from his vicious Twitter attacks daily? Why does our U.S. Senate “cow down” to him in fear as he commits mafia-style extortion for self-serving, political gain against the country of Ukraine? How does our President’s denial of global warming and consequent decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change agreement damage our longstanding alliance with friendly allies? What negative message does he send about U.S. National Security when he “goes after” his own “intelligence” experts ( ie. Christopher Wray) and patriotic military heroes (ie. John McCain) while praising heinous dictators ( ie. Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong – Un)?

In watching the current impeachment trial of Donald Trump, I’ve been engaged by prosecutor presentations outlining the powerful “Separations of Powers/“Checks and Balances ” provisions of the U.S. Constitution. Our President shall not be above the law. Congress can remove our chief executive from office whose moral behavior goes flagrantly astray. Court processes can interpret disputes fairly in cases of improper Presidential conduct prior to or during an election. Our democracy clearly can work when handled correctly.

Therefore, I welcome 2020 as the year that America stands up to this reality TV show of hateful tweets, “this for that” bribes, senseless lies, and revengeful “meltdowns”. For by doing so through either trial conviction or election rejection, we reset the standards of our nation’s moral compass in the right direction.

“Mad Impeachment Show”Preview

In the coming days, the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump will begin in ceremonious fashion. Keep in mind that this act will mark only the third time in American History that the House Of Representatives has formally impeached our Chief Executive in office. Sadly, I reason that this momentous event will quickly spiral in the following weeks into a contentious “reality show.” Trust me. I am not just making this stuff up. Let the raucous charade begin!

For any of my readers who sense a spirit of protest surrounding this memorable time in U.S. History, I invite you to return to the “classic rock era” and absorb the song lyrics of “The Who’s” masterful “Won’t Get Fooled Again” in the video below.

It’s showtime now. Put your critical thinking skills to good use and get ready for Impeachment 2020! Please take the time to care!

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Welcome to “The Mad Impeachment Show.” You are about to witness with your “very eyes” the suspense-filled trial of our current American President performed live on stage. As you tune-in to this unfolding drama on your phone, computer, or television, beware of the rise in hateful rhetoric and blatant unfairness that you will likely witness throughout this ordeal. For it might literally “take your breath away!”

As you begin to follow this “big show”script, it may occur to you that the trial’s rules invites a “Circus Of Fools.” So don’t be deceived if illogical arguments are presented that ignore key facts of this case. If you trust these words today, you do so at your own risk. “Wise up” to those as well who show obvious bias by arguing the defendant’s guilt or innocence without actually citing evidence on BOTH sides. In addition, notice the “bamboozlement” you might feel as so many key witnesses are denied the right to testify at these proceedings.

Beware that your emotions may also be “flying high” throughout these proceedings. At the trial outset, many viewers might feel a sudden urge to shout or scream as expected attempts are made to end this trial prematurely. Escalating national security concerns to provide a safe trial venue within the U.S. Capitol and prevent unlawful acts of civil disturbance might quickly become a key emotional distraction from the impeachment proceedings as well. In this regard, one must think hard how they might react if the hate spewing words of our tyrannical defendant and his partisan cohorts spreads violent acts of reprisal around our country!

As a follow-up to upcoming Mad Impeachment performances, some will dare match wits with our Presidential “Ringmaster of Rage” in heated, video game competitions to spread pure evil, immoral excess and descent into hell. Others may check into his social media presence several times daily on Twitter and join him in commenting angrily as he he takes vicious “potshots” at ANYONE opposing him. Don’t be fooled!


Caressing Catharsis

Catharsis – the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.

“…a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage? and then is heard no more.  It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.” (Shakespeare quote from Macbeth)

The tightening grip of impeachment drama unfolds in our country now and will most certainly dominate the news in 2020. As this year closes, I thus find myself desperately needing an emotional break from this continuing political crisis. Very simply, I am tired of the seemingly endless lies and deceptions that underlie the purely partisan support for this President. I am also weary of “leftist” vs. “rightist extremism that rules the media airwaves to drive negativity into my inner soul. I thus painfully yearn as the New Year begins for a President who can offer “all” of us sensible lessons about how to resolve our differences and unite for the sake of Constitution and country. Who might you choose under these urgent circumstances?

Reflecting about ways to find emotional closure to end the year on a high note, I look back to a heated political rally I attended with my wife in downtown Fort Lauderdale one week before Christmas. For it felt truly liberating then to join in mass unification with Democrats and even a scattering of Republicans who took the time on this busy weekday to peacefully vent their frustrations about the Trump Presidency. Raising my protest sign stating “Support Country Not Party” along the busy adjoining street of the rally site, I acknowledged “ thumbs ups” from friendly drivers/passengers by greeting them with a friendly wave. Accordingly, in restraining any overt signs of retaliation for those vehicle occupants who “flipped me off” in obvious disdain, I would gesture positivity back to them with a friendly smile.

In protesting at this rally, I had thus exercised with others our legal right to speak, write, and assemble freely. I now invite you to join me as I attempt to release some of my negative cathartic energy with regard to the crisis ridden Trump Presidency in the following protest photographs.

Love Above Hate

Nothing is easier than to denounce the evildoer, nothing is harder than to understand him” (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)

I am deeply disturbed by the continuing presence of racism in our country today. In particular, I am concerned about the pervasive presence of white supremacist hate reaction to Donald Trump’s Presidency via right wing media, “hostile” Twitter rants and at raucous political rallies. Looking over my Kindle book collection last week, I thus discovered “ The Opposite Of Hate” by Sally Kohn as a captivating reading on this subject. With strong research provided in her book, she presents a stunning picture of America’s current political climate where  white racial resentment runs rampant among Trump supporters.

Yet according to these  findings, many “Trumpies” surprisingly either reject viewing themselves as explicitly biased about race matters in extreme, Ku Klux Klan fashion or are simply unaware of their own hate spewing ways. A logical conclusion surfaces then that as many Trump fanatics fail to “own up” to their own prejudicial views about race, they accordingly deny their responsibility to reject partisan, race-hate propaganda spewed by their President. Thus in response  to America’s hate mongering problem concerning race today, I became motivated to write the following poem.



How Much Do We See

Blinded In Fight

By Society’s Ils

When White Scorns Black

Only Paralysis Waits


You and I

To Taste Together

Where We Forgive

There I Am With You

Minds Cool As We Go

To Wander As One


Whether We’re Rich

Or Poor, We Are

Vanquishing Weary Walls

My Favorite Foe

When Will We Love Again?

You might also be interested then to find out more about how humans prejudge white/black race with bad/good sensations. If so, click on the Implicit Association Test and TED lecture link in capital letters below.




Kohn, Sally. (2018). “The Opposite Of Hate”. Workman Publishing. Kindle Version

Baseball Healing Power 101

“I have been in ballparks for seventeen years and have never received anything but kindness and encouragement from you fans.” (Lou Gehrig Farewell Speech, July 4 , 1939)

As I watch the news each day as an informed American, I struggle to handle the emotional trauma of the latest “meltdowns” of our President against Democrats, woman, minorities, and immigrants… Searching deeply for alternate mind diversions from such daily politicized crises in my country on a lazy Sunday afternoon, last week, I suddenly envisioned a “ray of hope” as I absorbed anew the healing powers of a Major League Baseball game. With my mind typically filled with in – game progress outcomes accompanied by a deep longing for heroic player deeds, I realized that I had found the ideal antidote to the destructive “I win, you lose” mentality of this President. For there are no actual defeats in baseball if you consider that this historic game inspires fairness of play, furtherance of diversity, and love of country.

Thinking more deeply about the positive impact of “America’s legendary “pastime”, to counteract such present concerns for our country’s direction, inspiring MLB baseball stories in recent days come immediately to mind. When raging Donald stokes fears of immigrant border invasions, I settle into the infectious smile of great Puerto Rican shortstop Francisco Lindor radiating throughout each game. When he targets people of “color” with disgusting tweets of racism to fire up his “White American base” ”, I counterpunch with the heartwarming fan tribute to Venezuelan pitcher Carlos Carrasco at the MLB All Star Game in his battle to overcome leukemia in the prime of his career. Noting our President’s recent “divide and conquer” demagoguery to circumvent bilateral congressional agreements about health care and many other vital issues, I am reminded by the unified outpouring of player/fan support in the aftermath of pitcher Tyler Skagg’s untimely death that it takes concern for EVERYONE to comprise a winning American team for Election 2020.

I conclude this blog with the following photographic display from our road trip travels, thus revealing how therapeutic thinking magic of live baseball exists in the eyes of this enthusiastic fan.

1. Settle in for a closer view of the action and feel the exhilaration of bat meets ball.

2. Admire the element of teamwork required for game success.

3. Don’t bother multitasking at a game. Let go of such mind clutter by focusing on the ball, not your latest I Phone distraction.

4. It’s wonderful to be a kid again.

5. Relax knowing a weather delay provides an opportunity to slow down your schedule in life.

6. Feel the welcoming spirit inside a comforting home field presence. Then show similar warmth toward others.

7. Stay focused on each game in quiet calmness by tracking player statistics on a scorecard inning by inning by inning.

8. A baseball game might not be the best place to worry about a diet. So eat enjoyably there.

9. Pay more attention to the positive human dynamics BEFORE a game begins.

10. Past baseball heroes can help one cope with the inevitable passing of life into death. Thus, it’s ok to cry in baseball.

11. Improve your critical thinking skills by watching the outcome of each play without premeditated judgment of all bad or good.

12. Absorb the sensory healing power of green grass nature comprising the field surface

13 Honor historic legends of the game that provide positive role model lessons for the present.

14. Sit in the cheaper upper deck seats and admire the panoramic surroundings beyond the stadium. Bring a pair of binoculars along.

15. Dress up in your favorite team gear to celebrate your local team spirit.

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