“Mad Impeachment Show”Preview

In the coming days, the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump will begin in ceremonious fashion. Keep in mind that this act will mark only the third time in American History that the House Of Representatives has formally impeached our Chief Executive in office. Sadly, I reason that this momentous event will quickly spiral in the following weeks into a contentious “reality show.” Trust me. I am not just making this stuff up. Let the raucous charade begin!

For any of my readers who sense a spirit of protest surrounding this memorable time in U.S. History, I invite you to return to the “classic rock era” and absorb the song lyrics of “The Who’s” masterful “Won’t Get Fooled Again” in the video below.

It’s showtime now. Put your critical thinking skills to good use and get ready for Impeachment 2020! Please take the time to care!

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Welcome to “The Mad Impeachment Show.” You are about to witness with your “very eyes” the suspense-filled trial of our current American President performed live on stage. As you tune-in to this unfolding drama on your phone, computer, or television, beware of the rise in hateful rhetoric and blatant unfairness that you will likely witness throughout this ordeal. For it might literally “take your breath away!”

As you begin to follow this “big show”script, it may occur to you that the trial’s rules invites a “Circus Of Fools.” So don’t be deceived if illogical arguments are presented that ignore key facts of this case. If you trust these words today, you do so at your own risk. “Wise up” to those as well who show obvious bias by arguing the defendant’s guilt or innocence without actually citing evidence on BOTH sides. In addition, notice the “bamboozlement” you might feel as so many key witnesses are denied the right to testify at these proceedings.

Beware that your emotions may also be “flying high” throughout these proceedings. At the trial outset, many viewers might feel a sudden urge to shout or scream as expected attempts are made to end this trial prematurely. Escalating national security concerns to provide a safe trial venue within the U.S. Capitol and prevent unlawful acts of civil disturbance might quickly become a key emotional distraction from the impeachment proceedings as well. In this regard, one must think hard how they might react if the hate spewing words of our tyrannical defendant and his partisan cohorts spreads violent acts of reprisal around our country!

As a follow-up to upcoming Mad Impeachment performances, some will dare match wits with our Presidential “Ringmaster of Rage” in heated, video game competitions to spread pure evil, immoral excess and descent into hell. Others may check into his social media presence several times daily on Twitter and join him in commenting angrily as he he takes vicious “potshots” at ANYONE opposing him. Don’t be fooled!


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    1. Susan is a spoiler… Before her first term, Collins ran and was elected on her pro- “term limits” stand. She’s rarely in Maine unless promoting herself for an upcoming election and favors big business vs. her Maine neighbors in her votes. . . That’s my take! Thanks for asking, Jim.


  1. Sadly, I expect you are right … I’ve been calling it the Mitch & Lindsey Circus. Your post is humorous, but I only wish it weren’t so prophetic. Where is the integrity in our federal government? The title of an old book says it all … Gone with the Wind.

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