“Above The Law” Evils

“Trust starts with truth and ends with truth.”( Santosh Kalwar)

As I watch the opening hours of the long awaited impeachment trial of Donald Trump begin today, I’ve been given the impression that the basic argument of his guilt or innocence resides in whether Americans can trust the extent of his power rendered. Do we have a President who in effect serves as an omnipotent king whose powers can never be questioned? Or does our President dutifully serve accordingly to the will of the people and their chosen public representatives? Sadly, the proposed Senate rules of the trial will noticeably limit or ignore document evidence and witness testimony highly relevant to the culpable actions of the defendant. Will this contentious search for the truth so vital to our country now spin into a petty sham? Can we trust our Congressional leaders to make the right call? As the 2020 Presidential election looms heavily in mind, I thus offer the following original poem for serious reflection about the current impeachment process ahead.

Why Do Charged Minds Meet In Tragedy’s Throes?

To Render A Fair Trial Toward Truth I Suppose

Senate Mockery Of Justice We Never Foresaw

In Knowing Our Country Seeks Fairness Through Law

When Partisan Thirst Can Cover Up Crime

Our Laws Soon Crumble In Despotic Time

Quiet Handshake, A Wink , Subtle Nod On Cue

Hides Public Awareness Of Loyalty’s Brew

Our President Boasts Of His Unlimited Power

Do We Follow Or Lead At Impeachment’s Hour?

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